Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Display of My Favorite Moments

     If you know anything about me at all, then you know that I am in love with traveling with my family.  We have an affinity for the National Parks and plan our summer trips around visiting them. Our summer trips together are the highlight of my year.  As a matter of fact, I spend the first half of the year anticipating the summer trip and planning for it. During the middle of the year, we take the big trip. Then, I spend the second half of the year daydreaming, looking through photos and reminiscing about the fun we had together.  My whole year basically revolves around our big summer trip.
    Each trip to a new National Park that we have taken holds very specific and beautiful memories for me.  Mammoth Cave National Park was the park that we first fell in love with the National Park systems.  We took that trip back in 2006 when Carter was only 2 years old, Sawyer was 4 and Tucker was 8.  We took our first 'official hike' on that trip down the Cedar Sink Trail, which was 2 miles long.  Carter's little 2 year old legs hiked the entire trail on his own power. Each of the boys carried a stick they picked up along the trail and used it as a walking stick.  We stopped and looked at twisted tree trunks, lizards, and other critters that intrigued the boys.  The boys loved the hike and we were hooked on hiking from that point forward.  When I look back at the photos from that trip, I remember the boys and how they were at that moment. 
   It's the same for every single National Park we have visited.  I have specific memories and moments in each park with my family that are so fun and so beautiful, that they all rank as some of my favorite moments of my life.
   So now, whenever I am wanting to dream about my favorite moments, I can gaze upon my newest display of them......

   Each window pane holds a photo from one of our National Park trips.  Each photo has captured my favorite moments in time.  May people display a collection of expensive antiques or a collection of some sort, I choose to display moments instead of things. You can look into these windows and peer into the heart of my life. 

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Cindy said...

I love this!! Looking into the windows of your life... very cool. Our families are so much alike in this way. Traveling has been our favorite thing over the years. I choose two or three photos of a trip and put them in a black frame in our stairwell. Sometimes I too, spend time looking at them and daydreaming about our next trip!