Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jewels in the Backpack

  I am admittedly the worst Mom in the world about looking at the pages inside my kids backpacks.   If the boys have something that they want me to see or something that I need to sign, then they bring it to me and I take care of only that page. I usually wait days and days and days before looking at the rest of the pages.  The pages of classwork begin to pile up into a thick stack inside their folders just waiting to be discovered. 
   Today was the day. The day to open the backpacks.  I took out the enormous stack of papers.  I looked at each one. Most of them were thrown in the trash, but I found a few jewels that were keepers.  There were a couple of pages within the stack that brought a smile to my face.

There was this note from a little girl......

I'm still not sure if the little girl is trying to say Carter IS her friend, or is he NOT her friend?
Only a 2nd grader would know, I suppose. 
Ok, now this one gave me a big smile.......

Carter explained it to me.  He was writing a song on this page.  The words about "One sock on my foot. You can't do werth a flip. I got a slingshot in my hand".....yeah, those are lyrics.  Catchy, huh?
 I do not have high hopes of Carter making a profit from song writing. 
Or handwriting.
Perhaps Math will be his saving grace.  I did uncover this little gem.....

Math genius
That is my kid. 
Oh, yeah! 
Happy dance.
Boom, baby!
But then, this one was next in the stack to take me back down a notch.....

So much for his genius status.
So, from his papers, I have gathered that.....
 Carter may or may not have a little friend.
He is very unsuccessful at song writing.
His handwriting is terrible.
Carter was a math genius for exactly one day.
And he is still a jewel.

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