Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Sham of Perfection

  While I was perusing the web today, I came across a lovely little news story link to a blog.  The blog, Sham of the Perfect , is a collection of family photos that document REAL family moments.  I thought it was a brilliant idea for a collection of photographs.  The blog post explained that most photos that are featured in magazines, news stories, Pinterest, and other social media are a collection of 'posed moments'.  Those moments often have been edited and are truly "picture perfect".  We just can't seem to live up to that.

It's OK.

  Kids are messy. Big boys cry.  Families struggle.  Parents laugh hysterically. Families don't always keep tidy houses.  Parents sleep in.  Kids don't always eat their vegetables.  We don't always know the answers and we certainly don't get everything right.  But, that is the beauty of it.

No family is perfect. 

I scrolled through just a few of my pictures and picked out a couple that reveals the Sham of Perfect.

Perfection is a sham.  The fact that families aren't perfect is what makes them real.  And beautiful.  And perfect.
Go enjoy your kids.....the ones who are wearing a pair of underwear as a hat...and know that your family is perfect.
Just the way it is.

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