Sunday, August 30, 2009

His friend has an armpit hair!

My oldest son went to one of his best friends' birthday party yesterday. The friend is a girl whom we have been friends with all our lives. The party was a boy/girl party and there was some serious flirting going on. The boys were trying to throw the girls in the pool and the girls were doing the high pitched squeals. It was hilarious to watch....until I realized that I was watching MY ten year old flirt. TEN! When did he start flirting with girls? It was so distressing! Then, one of his buddies came home with us to spend the night. They rough-housed, rode the go-cart, played with Nerf guns, all the things you expect ten-year old boys to do. UNTIL....the moment his friend casually mentioned to us that he had an armpit hair. You've gotta be kidding me! And he really did. He named it "Bob". He even showed it to us. It was ligitimate. We all laughed and joked with him and I pretended it was funny, but in my mind I was mortified! Could my sweet, innocent ten year old Tucker be old enough to get armpit hairs too? I do realize that it was just ONE hair and it wasn't even on my own child. I am afraid when my own child gets an arpit hair of his own, I may have to take a nerve pill. I can tell, I am not prepared.

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