Sunday, November 1, 2009

Clash of the 10 year olds

There is something just not right about giving permission for your son to bang heads and bodies with other boys, whose Moms have also givien this same permission. I sat at the first football practice, with my full body tensed. Form tackling. That's what they call it. They match up one kid against another and they clash away at each other until one goes down. I am sorry to the other mothers, but I was downright giddy inside when your son went down. Although it makes me nervous that something bad will happen, football is fun to watch. We have dabbled in every other sport, but this was our first year for football. After I accustomed myself to the clashing at practices and withdrew from my ball of tension, I learned to enjoy it. And I also learned that Tucker is not half bad at it. I also really enjoyed the fact that Bradley was beaming with pride as he was able to teach Tucker about form, position, plays, and all that stuff. While I tried desperately to follow along in their lingo. I didn't always understand all the calls or the plays, but I did understand when Tucker carried the ball across the goal line for the first time. I think I'm gonna like this sport!

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