Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful Thinking

During the month of November, everyone starts to really ponder what they are thankful for. I am no different. Although, I try to count my blessings each day and recognize all that I have been blessed with. November just has that thankful spirit about it. This year at Thanksgiving, I sat at "The Big Table" in three different homes. My Granny's, Bradley's Grandma's and Bradley's Nanny's. It seems that almost all families have this hallowed tradition of banishing the children to a separate table while the adults eat together. As a child, I did not understand this tradition. I was even confused by it and maybe even a little annoyed. I also coudn't understand why it took the grownups so dang long to eat their lunch. Did they have trouble chewing? Is digestion a problem when you are old? I didn't know. Now that I am a rightful sitter of the "Big Table", I get it. You send the kids to the little table because you want to eat in peace. You want to enjoy the comraderie of other adults. You want to be thankful that you have kids, but that they are in the other room. And, just as my parents did, I sit for hours around the table eating. It's not that it takes a long time to eat, it's just nice to sit and talk. At my Granny's house, I remember, not only sitting at the little table, but also drinking out of the little glasses. The adults got the tall glasses brimming with Granny's yummy sweet tea, while the kids got these short, squat glasses with a handle. I recall the first year I was given a glass without a handle. My cousins and I still joke about that tradition to this day, at the "Big Table" of course.

This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for. I would fill up my entire blog page if I tried to list them all. Top on my lists would definitely be my family and my church with friends coming in right behind. For a different twist, though. I will make some different kinds of Thankful lists.

Things I am Most Thankful For about Bradley

1. He thinks I am beautiful

2. He kisses me goodbye every single morning (even when he thinks I am asleep.)

3. He laughs with me

4. He is a great Daddy

5. His intelligence

6. He dreams with me

Things I am Most Thankful for about Tucker

1. His salvation

2. His compassion for others

3. That he has always been such a great big brother

4. His tender heart

5. His obedience

Things I am Most Thankful for about Sawyer

1. His competetive spirit

2. His athletic ability

3. His sense of humor

4. His drive to succeed

5. His hugs (although they are few)

Things I am Most Thankful for about Carter

1. That he loves to sit and snuggle

2. His lovingness

3. His sweet spirit

4. His laid back personality

5. His giggles

Things I am Most Thankful for about my Childhood

1. I was sheltered from the world

2. My Mama waking me up with "Rise and Shine!"

3. Going with my Daddy on Sunday mornings to get donuts

4. Playing in the creek with Jeffrey and Jamie

5. That I saw my parents love each other

Other Things I am Thankful for

1. Rainy days

2. Camping with my boys

3. Dishwashers

4. Clean sheets and freshly shaven legs

5. That I have the greatest job in the world

6. Going for a jog

7. My life

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