Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Google It

   At some point over the past couple of years, "Google" has gone from a just another website to a commonly used verb.  I have used it myself on multiple occassions. 
How do you make homemade salsa?  I don't know. Google it.
What was the name of that Robert Frost poem?  Google it.
What is the capital of Rhode Island?  I can't rememeber.  Just Google it.
You can find out anything just by typing in the phrase on Google.  I started thinking about what people type into Google because of this little blog.  Anyone who writes a blog gets an electronic report at any time to show the "statistics" of the blog.  Some people actually make lots of money from blogging.  When people click those little adds over there on the side.....
.... a couple of pennies go into your blog account. If you ever reach $100 (which I have not yet done), then you get a check in the mail.  Apparently, some people get these checks all the time....some even daily.  So anyway.....on the report....I can actually click a tab that will tell me what "keywords" people typed into Google to locate my blog.  It is very intriguing to see the words that are typed in that ultimately lead people to this page.  No worries, though, I can't see who typed in the words.....only that they were typed in by someone.  It could be someone in Romania or New York or South America or Alabama for all I know.
People can type anything into Google and information and links to pages are guaranteed to come up.  All this thought about Google leading people to my page made me wonder what people searched for the most on Google.  I wondered what were the top phrases searched on Google.  Are you curious, too?  Well, here they are.....
The Top 10 Phrases Searched on Google in 2011
  1. Rebecca Black
  2. Google+
  3. Ryan Dunn
  4. Casey Anthony
  5. Battlefield 3
  6. iPhone 5
  7. Adele
  8. TEPCO (Japanese electric utility company)
  9. Steve Jobs
  10. iPad2
Really???!!!  That list is LAME!  These are the Top 10 things we are curious about?  Sheesh!  I seriosuly had to Google Rebecca Black and Ryan Dunn to even know who they were!  Casey Anthony?  Really?  We are Googling a criminal that often? Of course the iPhone5 and iPad2 is no surprise.  I am sure the iPhone 23 will be on the list next year.
The blog I write on is mostly about my little boys, and kindergartners, and church, and sometimes exercise, and vacation, and parenting, and cooking and all that kind of stuff.  So, you would think that the most often leads to my blog would be the key words Mom, parenting, boys, sports, dicipline, hiking, teaching, kindergarten, healthy foods, childhood....stuff like that. 
But it's not.  None of those words lead people to my blog.  People type into Google the things they are curious about or want to see photos of.  If I have written those words somewhere on my blog, then they can read about what I have written from being linked by Google from their search.
You wanna know what keywords typed into Google lead people most often to my blog?   Well, here they are.....
The top keywords that eventually led folks to the Snips of Snails and PuppyDog Tails Blog
1. Just Run (from a picture I put of a runner, I think)
2. Broken pinky finger  (Thanks to Sawyer for the traffic on my blog over the xray of the broken finger)
3. Boys dressed as girls (What in the ..???  This one shocks me a bit, but it has to be from the story I wrote about the boys dressing up in Super heroes and stuff,)
4. Christmas Jesus
5. Big girl bikini  (heehee...this one makes me laugh)
6.  Granny haircuts  (Also, hilarious)
7. Jesus in the Manger
8. Boys football bedroom
9.  Sumo Wrestling
10. Boy Wedgies
Also in the common searches that lead to this site are ...
Hot Teacher (to raise my self-esteem...ooohhh, la la!)
Redneck Alabama Girl (to lower my self-esteem back down again...sad face)
The fact that Google actually keeps up with everyone's keyword search is rather intriguing.... yet supremely creepy.
I wonder what would come up if I Google Google?

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