Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sports Fanatic Birthday Bash

  Ten years ago today, I gave birth to the biggest sports fanatic that has ever been.  Sawyer loves baseball, football, basketball and track more than any kid I have ever seen.  His whole being revolves around his competitiveness and his love for sports.  So, when it was time to plan for his birthday party, he chose a sports theme.....again.  He hasn't had any other theme for a birthday party since he was a toddler. 

  This year, he wanted to invite a few friends over and have all sorts of sports contests.  So, that's what we did.  Yesterday, after our basketball games, he invited over three of his 4th grade friends and we added on his two brothers and one friend each for them....which made a total of 8 little boys at our house.  When everyone arrived, we did the birthday singing, cupcakes, and gifts in record speed.  (The boys were really more interested in getting down to the sports games business.) 

His buddies all gave him money, which he was super pumped about. His brother's each gave him a gift.  Tucker picked out some of his best football and baseball cards and passed them along to Sawyer. His little brother, Carter, made him a homemade birthday card.  Inside the card, Carter placed ALL the money he had left.....which was $3.  My heart swelled at the gesture of his brother's gifts.  Bradley and I gave him something he never in a million years expected.....a football signed by Bo Jackson.  Of course, he loved it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing sports competitions.....which is exactly what makes Sawyer happy.
We divided the group of boys into two teams.  They named themselves the "Dragon Slayers" and "The Beasts". 
We had a whole list of competitions to complete.  The winners of each one would earn points for their team.  The team at the end of the evening with the most points would win the compeptition.
We started the contest with a 1/4 mile run.
Which was followed by...
a baseball throw
field goal kicks
50 yard dash
free throw shoot
BB gun target shooting
baseball hitting
tag football....which was Sawyer's favorite part of the day.
The "Dragon Slayers" won the sports competition by a few points, much to Sawyer's team's dismay.  But, he still had fun despite the loss. 
 I also finished up the huge Auburn Tigers mural today that I had been working on to hang on the wall in the boys newly decorated game room. 
The boys were happy with the way it turned out.
Sawyer told me a little while ago that he wanted to have this same kind of party again next year.  He also said that out of 10 birthdays, that this one was the best.
I chalk that up as a successful birthday bash.

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Cindy said...

That looked like the best party ever! Way to go mom!! And Happy Birthday Sawyer!