Monday, February 13, 2012

Cooking Class

You don't think they are the most lovely brownies ever photographed??!!
Yeah, me either.
But, the boys thought they were fabulous!

Last night, we had a cooking class at our house.  The boys were the students.  I was the teacher.

The lesson went like this.....

Tucker...."I wish I had some cobbler with ice-cream.  Can you make some?"

Me....."No. We don't have the stuff for it."

Tucker....."Can you go and buy the stuff?"

Me....."Ummm...No!  Not a chance.  I just made grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, asparagas, and corn.  I am not making cobbler. I have done all the cooking I am going to do for the night. Besides, it isn't good for you."

Tucker...."I wish I had some. With ice cream on it."

Me......"You aren't getting any stinkin' cobbler!  So drop it!  I am not going to the store tonight.  Eat something else."

Tucker......"Yeah, but I want something with ice cream on it."

Me.......(I go to the pantry and grab a box of brownie mix and toss it to Tucker.)  "Here.... make these."

Tucker...."Seriously?  I don't know how to make brownies."

Me......"The recipe is on the back.  Follow it."

That was the end of the lesson. 

I know you must be impressed with my instruction.

I then went back to folding the clothes in the living room and listening to Tucker talk to himself trying to figure out the directions to the recipe.  He was reading the recipe aloud which clued in his brothers that he was doing something out of the ordinary. He very quickly had two little helpers who thought making brownies would be a grand adventure.  I was snickering and delighting in their problem solving skills.  They were really hilarious in there.  I wish I had an audio recording of their conversation over the brownie production.

Some of the things I over heard....

"This doesn't look right."

"How are we suppose to get the oven timer on?"

"What do we mix this up in?"

"How much of this mix are we suppose to use?  The whole thing?  Maybe half of it?"

"This is way too runny.  It doesn't look like brownies."

"I think we should be on that show called The Worst Cooks In America."

After much teamwork and problem solving, and me working really hard to keep from butting in, here is their end product.....

And this is just a teensy part of the mess they left me....

I have no idea what they could've possibly used FOUR spoons for.

This is a big pile of brownie mix (along with some other mysterious crud) on the floor, which explains why their brownies turned out just a wee bit on the runny side.

I learned from this cooking class that I need to get the kids in the kitchen more.

A lot more.

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Love is all you need said...

So fun. My little guy loves to cook with me, I can't wait until he is as old as yours so I can teach him what I am doing!