Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sins

I could literally feel the arteries in my heart clogging as I ate this. This scrumptious barbeque cheddar burger was our treat during the Super Bowl yesterday.

When I took the first bite and the cheese dripped out of the bun and the juice from the burger ran down my hands, I said,
"I can't believe I am ruining my healthy eating streak so that I can eat this."

Bradley replied with,
"It's the Super Bowl!  You are actually suppose to eat bad during the Super Bowl."

That was good enough logic for me, so I continued devouring my sinful burger.

I am pretty sure that paired with the Rotel Queso Dip, it qualified as gluttony.

Since we follow college football more closely than pro football, we weren't fanatics about the outcome of the game.  Although we were rooting for the Giants, we wouldn't have lost sleep either way.

I was more excited about watching the commercials.

My favorite was the Clint Eastwood car commercial about Americans rebounding and buying cars made in Detroit.

The boys LOVE the E*trade commercials where the baby talks, but thought the speed dating baby commercial was kind of a dud.

The M&M commercial where the candy was stripping to the song I'm Sexy and I Know it was a hit.  How can you go wrong with dancing chocolate?

I also thought the Anheuser Busch commercial about the end of prohibition was very creative.

I really couldn't care less about the actual game, but my burger was worth all 10,000 calories and I loved just chilling with my guys for the night. 
We pretty much just sat in our chairs watching the game without moving for 4 hours.

I am almost certain that would count as slothfulness.

We covered gluttony and slothfulness all in one evening.  And perhaps even lust....if you count having a desire for an M & M.

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Child Anxiety Mom said...

I believe it has been scientifically proved that calories eaten while watching sports on TV don't count. At least, that's what I choose to believe.
That is one yummy-looking burger...