Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ah, Sugar Sugar.....

Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy, oh
And you've got me wanting you.

Honey, ah sugar sugar
You are my candy, oh
And you got me wanting you.

Remember that old song? 
It popped into my brain today when I realized that our classroom had been overtaken by beautiful, sugary confections.

Valentine's Day is suppose to be a day to show love to others, but I have decided that it may have been created by Russell Stover or Ghiradelli or perhaps Palmer or Hershey for the sole purpose of selling chocolate.

It was certainly NOT created by Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or Richard Simmons.

I have had to turn on my extra strength will power today.

This is the plate of goodies sent by the sweet parents of my kindergarten class.....

I think I was drooling as I set out the plates.

It left a distinct scent of sugary cookies in my classroom for the afternoon.

I smelled it, but I did not indulge.
I ate grapes instead.

This is the decadent pile of chocolate that the parents of my students sent me for Valentine's.....

My kids must have clued in their parents that chocolate is my weakness.  I really, really love chocolate.

If had decided to indulge and eat all of this chocolate, I would've consumed
3,405 calories.

Yes, I added it up.

Instead, I settled on sharing with my students and my kids.

I treated myself to one piece of dark chocolate with raspberry filling. It had 70 calories and was totally worth it.  Besides...just a little bit of dark chocolate is good for you.

The best treat of the day was from my own Valentine.

My sweet hubby left me a little surprise this morning.  I had a Valentine gift sitting on the stove waiting for me this morning when I got up.

Inside the bag was a card that fit us perfectly....

 and some running pants and socks.
I had mentioned that my longer training runs had been rubbing blisters on my toes because my socks were too thin.  He listened.  He remembered.  He bought me new ones.
I was touched by his thoughtfulness to steer away from the chocolate and toward something that he knew I would really love.

And now I have the gear to run off all that sugar that probably seeped into the pores of my skin through the air in my classroom today.

Love is certainly in the air today......
or is that just the sugar?

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Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

You know, when given in that fashion, socks really are a romantic gift. :)