Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh, Say Can You See?

Oh, say can you see him?  See that handsome young man on the front row in the navy and white stripped shirt? 

That one is mine.

That is a stage full of adorable third graders, but mine is the cutest.
I'm sorry for the other parents that they aren't the parent of the cutest kid on stage.

Ok, perhaps I am just a tad biased, but I sure think he's handsome.

The third graders at our school did a little President's Day program at our PTO meeting tonight.
The really did a fantastic job!

The songs they sang were wonderful.

The speaking parts were loud and clear.

And they were super cute.

Especially this kid......

And this handsome little fellow had one of the speaking parts.

He said.....
"...Conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition."

It was the best 8 words of the whole program.

It doesn't take much to make me swell up with pride.

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